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Introduction in English

 About us...

Microsolder Ltd is a family owned company founded in 1994 by Mr. and Mrs, Peter Regos to provide everything for soldering, including solders, fluxes, chemicals, tools, machines, services, inspection equipment, training and know-how. It was a uniq that time. Between 2018 and 2020 the Stannol Holding GmbH, also family owned company, took over the ownership. 

Microsolder's team, profile, and policy remained unchanged. Nowadays soldering is still the main field of the company, but our product range covers many other materials and equipment, needed for manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies. Additionally we offer various services to our customer as you can see below.

About our products...

Microsolder Ltd. is distributor in Hungary of products made by world wide well known manufacturers for electronic industry like:

  • ERSA: state-of-art wave soldering machines and assembling lines, reflow ovens, selective soldering systems, automatic solder paste (stencil) printers, hand soldering tools, soldering and desoldering stations, BGA rework stations, ERSAscope optical inspection and quality management systems for hidden soldered joints
  • Henkel electronics products (under different brand names as Loctite, Multicore, Hysol, Ablestic, etc.): solder creams, solder bars, cored solder wires, liquid fluxes, thinners, solder resists, residue removers (solvents), screen cleaners, and other chemicals, soldering tip cleaners, desoldering wicks, surface mount adhesives, underfills, encapsulants, potting, low pressure molding, and thermal management materials, conformal coatings, and other board level assembly materials
  • Stannol: solder bars, sticks, pellets, solid and cored solder wires, liquid fluxes, thermal profilier
  • GlobalPoint ICS: thermal profiler system for any kinds of soldering technologies
  • GEN3 Systems: soldering process control instruments such contaminometers, solderability testers, SIR-testers, solder paste analyzer, ultrasonic stencil cleaner
  • TWS Automation: entry level pick & place machines, reflow ovens, manual, and semi automatic stencil printers, temperature profilers, depanelling machines
  • Viscom: automatic optical (AOI, SPI) and X-ray (AXI) inspection equipment for printed circuit board assembling process
  • EDSON: under stencil wipe rolls, and other wipes, foam swabs, and Electroguard anti-static floor paints
  • OLAMEF: bending, forming and cutting machines for preparing electronic through hole components for manual insertion
  • Pacha Automation: standard and custom designed conveying systems for PCBs and soldering pallets, labelling, laser marking machines, routers, and other production line elements
  • LPKF: milling and laser PCB prototyping equipment
  • Purex: fume extraction systems for soldering, laser engraving, coding and marking, printing applications
  • Lükon (Ceracon): precise, clean, vertical curing and drying ovens required very low shop floor area
  • CILS: computer imprintable, durable labels for industrial use
  • Cramolin: chemical products (mainly in aerosols) for electronic industry, service, and repair
  • IPC: publications (standards, handbooks, guides, etc.) in printed and/or electronic format

About our services...

  • Rework and repair of electronic components and circuits (among the others: BGA re-balling, repair of damaged leads of QFPs, difficult or high quantity changing of components, changing lead finishes of components [e.g.: from tin-lead to lead free or vs.]) done by our partner Retronix
  • Consultation: solution proposals for jobs to be solved by our customers, investigating reasons of soldering failures, inspection according to IPC standards, etc.
  • Process support: on-site analyzing, optimizing and supervising soldering processes at our customers upon request in both leaded and lead-free production environments.
  • Training courses: various courses for soldering technologies at different levels for operators, technicians, quality assurance personnel, process engineers, hand soldering and rework operator courses etc. Microsolder is Licensed IPC Training and Certification Center offering trainer trainings with Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) certification for IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-7711/7721, and application trainings with Certified IPC Application Specialist certification (CIS) for IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC-7711B/7721, IPC-J-STD-001 and IPC-6012 standards. Please, also visit our special web site: www.microsolder-ipc.com
  • Installation, commissioning machines, and trainings for operators and maintenance staff: for all type of machines we sell.
  • Service and repair machines and equipment: for all types of machines we sell, with well trained and experienced service staff, offering 24 hours hot line, free of charge phone consultation and support

The broad product range of Microsolder Ltd. enables us to offer complex, state-of-art solutions for the customers in PCB assembling technology, meeting different special requirements and demands.

We are suppliers of big multinational firms, small and medium size factories (SME-s) as well as big repair and rework centers and small repair shops - according to our business philosophy all are equally important for us!

We offer a wide range of products for prompt delivery from our stock. We are appointed vendor of many big PCB assembling companies, in some cases on basis of on-line inventory monitoring.

We are committed to keep process and quality engineers' knowledge updated with the latest technology developments, and international standards to improve quality and productivity, reduce cost and minimize environmental pollution.

Our quality management system has been certified for EN ISO 9001:2015.

Microsolder is a member of National Electronics Society of Hungary (Hungarian abbreviation: MELT), and IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

The "KKV Top100 an award for the best of driving forces of the economy".

There are about 800,000 small and medium sized enterprises (SME - KKV in Hungarian), and 8,200 of those comply with the base requirements (more than 250 million HUF turnover, more than 10 employees, profitable operation of the last two years). The board of judges, experts of economics selected the best 15 ones, in 5 categories 3 of each.

Microsolder has won 2nd place of Trade category of Top100 KKV 2016 award. We are proud of that, thank all of our team.




 Main contacts:

Csaba Pető Managing Director
Mobile: + 36-20-4641303
e-mail: csaba.peto@microsolder.hu

Zsolt Sárvári QA & Service Manager
Mobile: + 36-20-4142458
e-mail: zsolt.sarvari@microsolder.hu

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